OPFOR [OPPosing force]

You want to have fun and action and earn money at the same time? Then this is the right place for you!
You can find out how you can take part under "OPFOR Selection" - will you be our new ORK?

What is Opfor?

OPFOR (= Opposing Force) refers to so-called "enemy actors" who enable armies around the world to train their own troops realistically. Due to the lack of personnel and other problems (including the European Working Time Directive), these exercises can no longer be provided from within their own ranks.

TAF offers the solution and provides with its ORKs a complete platoon (30 ORKs), including vehicles and realistic training weapons.  According to current talks with European armed forces, further orders are expected in 2023.

As part of the TAF of course you will need some equipment. Take a look in the packing list. This list must also be adhered to your fist selection. You can also lend some missing equipment from us and / or buy it in our shop.

Opfor Mission

When you talk about an OPFOR mission, it means real action against a real opponent - enemy representation for European armies to give them tactical training for the mission.

Opfor Selection

If you want to get involved with TAF, you have to go through the selection like every ORK.

Are you ready for this?

Opfor Training

You've already done your selection? Great! Now you can deepen your knowledge and skills in infantry combat, improve your fitness and most importantly have lots of fun and action.

The ORK is only your first stage of development.



TAF OM 24-501


complete from Sat 15 - Thu 27.06.2024
       or T1 from Sat 15 - Thu 20.06.2024
       or T2 from Sat 22 - Thu 27.06.2024

TAF OM 24-502


complete from Sat 07 - Thu 19.09.2024
       or T1 from Sat 07 - Thu 12.09.2024
       or T2 from Sat 14 - Thu 19.09.2024



TAF OM 424-08  12.04. - 25.04.2024 TAF OM 424-11  31.05. - 13.06.2024
TAF OM 424-13  02.08. - 14.08.2024
TAF OM 424-16  13.09. - 25.09.2024
TAF OM 424-20  22.11. - 05.12.2024
TAF OM 424-21  06.12. - 19.12.2024