Once a recruit has gone through the selection and passed, he is at least at the rank of Trooper or has already achieved the rank ORK.

Important: No matter what function/badge someone has in TAF, the following is always remains:
Our skin colour is green - our gender is ORK!

If you are already a Trooper or ORK, TAF will always move on to the next challenge! The skills you need for the next level you will learn in training!

Why training?
Our goal is to offer realistic and serious opponents / scenarios in enemy commands! It will be hard - it will be dirty and it will take everything from you... but it will also be one of your most outrageous experiences - that's why we train every first weekend of the month (free of charge!)

Get the next level...


You will have a long day, with running laps, medium physical strain and first training units. We get to know each other and you show us that you are serious.

You can participate in our monthly training sessions as often as you like. Of course, it is still free of charge.


Physically resilient and ready for real challenges? The selection as Trooper is not hard enough for you?

As an Orc candidate, a classic Boot Camp will take place for you. You will do a lot of running, a lot of push-ups and our instructors will be even meaner to you. If you make it through the day, you will receive the golden "TAF Ork" badge in the evening.


You have already completed the TAF-Selection and would like to apply the knowledge from your training?

 Your next step - Full Trooper.

The "Full Trooper Test" lasts 24 hours, during which we test the skills of orientation, survival in the terrain, resilience and stamina.

light operator

The Light Operator test is similar to the Full Trooper test, but the requirements are significantly higher.

You will be able to orientate in the terrain again! Your physical resilience and stamina will be put to the test. During these 24 hours you will not sleep - you will march, march and march even more.

You will only pass this test if you have really internalized the motto of TAF: "Suck it up and keep going!

heavy operator

You're one of those really crazy guys who still can't get enough? Okay!

You're going to run through the Light Operator test again. However, after 24 hours without sleep and constant stress, it does not end. The second night, we have some very special surprises for you.

Only a few, special individuals have the physical capacity, the necessary knowledge and skills and above all the impressive willpower required to pass this test.

commando operator

The Commandos represent something very special. Their abilities are in every respect far beyond what is required of normal fighters - this is also true for TAF.

This is by far the greatest challenge we can offer you. There is no advance information about the content and procedure, because the willingness to keep going despite complete uncertainty about the outcome is an essential part of this test.

Here again, the motto is "Suck it up and keep going!"