Opfor Mission

OPFOR stands for Opposing Force, i.e. the representation of enemy forces in a military exercise scenario. TAF has been regularly booked by European armed forces for corresponding tasks since 2020. In other words, we take on the role of the enemy in real manoeuvres to provide our soldiers with realistic training. These are OPFOR missions.

TAF offers to provide a complete, armed and motorised platoon of 30 men in three squads. For this we are always looking for committed fellow fighters. Whoever has passed our TAF selection (Orc or Trooper) can participate in these missions as a member of our TAF OPFOR troop and earn cash money.

In short: You'll get a lot of action and get paid for it!

But one more thing - when we talk about action here, we mean one of the most extraordinary challenges and experiences you can gain as an "external" in a military environment without doing military service directly. That does not mean that it becomes easier...

It will be loud - it will be exhausting - it will also hurt - but above all it will be awesome!