Business coach, CEO, fitness trainer and of course first and foremost Platoon Leader - Scotty fulfils many different roles within the TAF as Chief.

All this is based on years of experience, including in the military - to find out more about the Chief, you can read more below...


They are dirty, they march, they sleep in the woods and they give the other person shaking knees...

They are TAF ORKs who make up the platoon and who always stick together loyally.

On the following page, you can get to know some of our ORKs and ComCons.

Deployment areas  & Equip

All an ORK needs is a terrain and a mission!

TAF is not bound to a place, a federal state or even Germany. The customer determines the location and TAF comes...

To give you an impression of the means we use regularly we have the following overview.