No matter how trained you are, in this Bootcamp we bring everyone to their physical and mental limits - and maybe a little bit beyond... including you!


You do not believe us? Find out!



You want to experience paintball differently? Not only as a sport, but to gain a real borderline experience? We offer you heated and wild battles in a realistic military environment.


Support your squad as a trooper or lead your team and try to fulfill your mission while the paint balls fly around your ears.


Bachelor Party

Prepare the chosen one(s) for the seriousness of life - whoever wants to marry should in any case also be hard enough to pass this last mission in freedom with his friends.


An unforgettable summer where you can experience everything you normally only see on screens. This is not just camping, but learning together how to get along in the wilderness and achieving a mission goal together.


"Real life action that is more intense than any game can offer you.


You want to experience a secret commando operation deep behind enemy lines? You want to penetrate enemy territory, overcome obstacles, avoid enemy patrols and complete your mission together against all odds? 


Beware of your dreams - we will make them come true!


SPECIAL EVENTS AND Special requests

Survival training, parachute jumping, driving tanks or other completely crazy ideas for which we have not yet found a place here? Challenge accepted - tell us your idea and we will make it possible...