Even though things are changing faster and faster in today's world and the digital age has changed the way our children grow up, many things remain the same:


The fun and excitement we experienced in holiday and youth camps, the friends we made and the joy of next time!


When we think back, we have learned many valuable lessons for ourselves and our future lives. As the founder and leader of a large scout troop, Scotty was already in his youth interested in accompanying young people in their development. At TAF we would like to pass on exactly these experiences and values to your children...

  • Team spirit and cohesion
  • Work and discipline
  • Action and employment through action and communication
  • Fun with successes achieved by yourself


  • summer holidays are just around the corner
  • holiday program must be planned
  • meaningful employment sought
  • pedagogically valuable support 
  • cool event that your kid is talking about at school


  • mobile phone and computer ban!
  • one week full-time camp
  • campfire & Night Watch
  • equipment - outerwear and equipment is provided in full
  • movement-oriented activities
  • behaviour and "survival" in nature


  • enjoy direct communication even without electronic aids
  • Building self-confidence through success in lived teamwork and cohesion 
  • Experience that discipline and commitment lead to praise, respect and recognition
  • Rules of the game that (must) be adhered to - and experience that they make sense!
  • more understanding for nature and how to treat it with respect
  • find and explore physical and mental limits with an experienced team of trainers


Daily routine:

0600 Sports

0700 Breakfast

0800 Training block 1

1200 Lunch

1300 Training block 2

1700 Dinner

1800 Training block 3

2000 Material preparation

2100 Night rest with night watch


Weekly schedule:

DAY 1: Individual Training + Team Training

- Equipment, survival techniques, skills, etc.

- Joint cohesion-promoting team tasks within the team.

DAY 2-6: "Mission" preparation

Team tasks in preparation for the "TAF Action Mission".

DAY 2-6: "Mission"

Joint execution of the assignment as TIGERLAND ACTION FORCE team against a roleplayer team with "enemy representation".

DAY 7: Transformation


Follow-up of the assignment by transferring what has been learned to real life:

  • Those who engage themselves in role-playing (more), work disciplined in a team and persevere receive (more) praise, respect and acknowledgement from the team and the trainers.
  • Those who get involved in real life (graduation, apprenticeship, training, etc.) will experience the same!
  • Rules make sense in real life too!


Uniform for all:

Jungle Hat

Outdoor Jacket

Cargo Pants


TAF T-shirt

TAF sweatshirt

rain jacket, rain trousers

Expedition backpack

tactical vest

Mission-specific equipment

NERF toy "weapon" (free from 8 years)



8-man tents for accommodation 




Packed in backpack or sports bag:

1 x boots/ sturdy shoes (or jogging shoes)

2 x sweaters (wearable in onion system, fleece recommended)

7 x change of underwear (T-shirt, underwear, socks)

1 x toiletry bag small: toothbrush, -cream, soap, deodorant

    Optional: boys shaving kit (wet shave), hand mirror

    Optional: Girls (pads, tampons)

1 x towel

1 x cup, plate (deep), fork (metal or hard plastic)

1 x flashlight (recommended red or green function night vision)

2 x pencils + 1 x notepad (not larger than DIN A6)

2 x gauze bandages, 5 x plasters (in transparent plastic bag)

4 x 2 m length, 4 x 0.5 m length of cord (thickness 3-5 mm)

1 x sleeping bag*

1 x mattress*

- Health card

- Vaccination certificate

- ID card


* can be provided for a cleaning and rental fee of 10

Optional: 1 x compass (recommended but not mandatory)

Optional: 1 x wrist watch (analog!)

Optional: 1 x pocket knife (blade length < 6cm not lockable)  

The equipment preferably in olive green, black or muted earth colours