TAF Guidelines

explanation of the values lived at TAF

Anti-Nazi Declaration

We are aware of the fact that in Germany it is viewed critically when young people in camouflage uniforms move around in the woods under what appear to be military circumstances. However, we want to make it very clear that we do not want or tolerate political extremists in our group.

We DISTANCE ourselves clearly and distinctly in any form of National Socialist or any other form of extreme NON-DEMOCRATIC behaviour and politics. We are all firmly rooted in the free, democratic basic order.

At the slightest sign of undemocratic ideas, we reserve the right to immediately stop or exclude events and training measures.

Declaration of Equality

We treat everyone equally (badly). Also and especially the gender is not interesting for anyone in the team and does not play a role. Anyone can become anything with us - provided they are medically fit: trainer, teamer, instructor and operator. In all these positions women were and still are active in the past and do the same jobs side by side with their colleagues at the same conditions.

Our language regarding specific terms is generally in English and is therefore mostly gender-neutral anyway. This means that they do not have a specific female form. We therefore do not use these terms in the German version and do not differentiate between the sexes. This does not represent any degradation for women, but is merely an organisational simplification.

At the slightest sign of misogynistic or contemptuous thoughts, we reserve the right to immediately stop or exclude events and training measures.

Anti-Racism Declaration

We make it clear that there is a clear ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY AGAINST RACISM within our community. We do not tolerate anyone, neither in our teams nor among guests or trainees, who has a problem with

  •     Nationality
  •     Skin colour
  •     Religion
  •     Age or
  •     People with a handicap

We had and wish for a colourful diversity of people at our events and trainings. The age structures range from junior at 8 years of age to the experienced at over 60. We expressly welcome everyone - regardless of who and what you are! With us, everyone will find their task according to their abilities and possibilities.

At any sign of racist thoughts we reserve the right to immediately stop or exclude events and training measures.

Declaration on personal freedom

With us the sexual orientation does not play a role - we do not tolerate defamation, denigration or even insults from our members, not even in jest!

It is very important to us that everyone has the freedom to live his or her life as he or she wishes.

If you feel harassed, insulted or hurt, please talk to Chief Scotty - he will take care of it immediately.

However, if derogatory and/or malicious thoughts are nevertheless expressed, we reserve the right to cancel or exclude events and training measures immediately.