During the selection - the selection process - we put you through your paces. After passing the Selection, you will be accepted into the TAF Fighter Pool. If TAF receives an order, we will contact you. And if you have time, you can take part in the mission as a member of our TAF-OPFOR troop and earn money.

You want to join?
The selection always takes place on the first Saturday of each month at different locations in Germany. It consists of a nine-hour boot camp. This Boot Camp can be completed in two levels. Whoever passes will be either a TAF-Ork (very hard) or a TAF-Trooper (still pretty hard).

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Like the role models from "Lord of the Rings", you will tirelessly pursue your mission and carry out every assignment with full commitment. Faster, harder, further!


As a Trooper it will be just as loud and you will have a lot of action - you will also reach your personal limits in any case - side by side with the TAF ORKs, according to our values...

Teamwork - Loyalty - Discipline!


So if you don't want to take the physical exertions, but still want to show commitment - you've come to the right place! Support us within the framework of the logistics and support unit!


until 0900 arrival
0900 Mobilisation
- Check completeness of documents 1.- 5.
- Administrative
- Clothing and equipment inspection
- Briefing
- Load test (luggage run, stress resistance)   
- Individual, individual training (uniform, backpack, ...)
- Squad, Team- Training (Action, Landrover Defender,...)
- Platoon, "big team" training

- Feedback
- Closing ceremony (classification, badge awarding)  
- Demobilization (if necessary, personal interview with the Chief)
1800 End


  • normal physical fitness
  • correct, disciplined, military
  • team effort
  • Willingness to live in the field under the simplest conditions
  • Readiness for role-play related "command and obedience   
  • General readiness for further training within TAF
  • not necessary - but advantageous:
  • Active service / preliminary service Bundeswehr or similar
  • see also conditions of participation


For the selection you already have to think about your outfit and equipment.

Important: The packing list must always be followed!

In the rental list you can get some equipment on site. Of course you can bring your own stuff (please note the packing list requirements) and you can also visit our shop.

If there are any open questions, just use the short official way and write a Whatsapp message to the Chief!